Top Sharepoint Training Tools You Must Get to Know

Businesses are accustomed to using the same old routine and schedule they follow and people generally do not want to adopt any new techniques. However, with the advancement in technology there is an inescapable need to adopt the change in technology in order to stay updated. SharePoint by Microsoft Inc. is a software program that was not used by many businesses when it was newly launched.

However, as time passed by people learnt its importance and today more and more businesses all over the world are using it for their business benefits. Today one of the most prolific Content Management Systems (CMS) for enterprise grade network is Microsoft SharePoint. A practitioner should get SharePoint training in order to know how data, files and texts can be shared across the network. He will also be able to create, manage and design the distribution of network.

There are various SharePoint training tools that you should know in order to learn how to effectively use it. If you are really willing to learn using SharePoint the right way then you have to know the different ways of learning it and then pick up the best one for you. Following are some of the popular methods to get training of this popular Microsoft product.

Microsoft Certified Training

Microsoft Inc. provides online SharePoint training to its customers. You can get the expertise of learning SharePoint by online resources and tutorials prepared by the experts of Microsoft. Their developer training also prepares the users for certification on Microsoft SharePoint. To learn using this method you simply have to log in to the Microsoft SharePoint Home Page and then click the level where you want to start learning from.

Online Training Websites

You can also choose to learn MS SharePoint from other online training websites. There are various websites available on the World Wide Web that teaches people how to become a pro at this computer application. You might consider joining one of these programs so that you start learning the basics and reach the advanced levels so that you can use it as a pro. The online training websites have courses materials and tutorials to help people understand each and every step of correctly using SharePoint.


One of the best top Sharepoint training tools is Walkme. It will help your business to eliminate user confusion by simplifying the online experience. It has special programs that will guide you in every step so that you can successfully complete your online tasks.

Trial and Error

Another great way to get SharePoint training is through trial and error method. You can install the program in your personal computer and start exploring the software. You will get to know the different aspects of this application by trying out your hand at its different features and functions. You can also read the Help Page and FAQ sections provided by Microsoft Inc. in order to know the ways you can use it.

Community Site

Whenever a new software application is launched, the users create a community forum where they can share tips and tricks with each other. If a user fails in certain area and is having difficulties then he can post his problem in the community forum. The other members who have experience about using the software program will probably help the user with SharePoint training.

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