Understanding SharePoint Filters

Many organizations use SharePoint and SharePoint filters to develop their own websites. The name of SharePoint speaks about its utility and function. SharePoint is a common platform for a group of individuals or a company to create, store and use data from any kind of device available. Customization of SharePoint is one of its vital features that helps the users to use them conveniently. One of the amazing features of SharePoint is the feature called SharePoint filters that helps to filter the data to be extracted according to the user’s need and also serves the extracted data according to the customized view of the user.

With SharePoint, a group of individuals can store common point and share the information among the group. But the problem is that there could be tons of data in the storage and users may want to extract only specific data at a particular time. So, in order to handle this problem, SharePoint filters come into play. Their main task is to extract the exact data from the storage as specified and display the data in user’s defined format.

Customization of the list in SharePoint is also possible with its filters. For example in a company who uses SharePoint, different individuals of a department are being assigned with different types of works. Now with the aid of the filters, an additional column can be added where the information of the assigned job can be retrieved from the addition list easily. So, whenever a drop down list appears it contains an additional list with important information about the works assigned to different individuals along with a status of the work.

SharePoint filters come with a very powerful tool called ‘View’. ‘View’ authorization can be assigned to more than one person who can access the information. The filters display only the required information and only the required column. They also provide ‘Group List’ which means the list will show the group of people assigned with the same work or may be the same type of work. Another powerful feature of the filters is that they come with a flexibility of adding calculated columns. In this column the user can mention the finishing time of the task. So, the added column will show the estimated time left to complete the work. Moreover, the user can also add total and sum field in the storage.

This is a service hosted by Microsoft which is cloud based for all type of business. Here all the users will have a common place to store and extract data point. The permitted users can access the required information by subscribing to office 365 or authorized users can share information, exchange documents by having a website on this common platform. Thus, SharePoint filters are like MS office package for all its users.

Well, SharePoint come with a lot of flexibility and user friendly techniques. This common place to store data actually speeds up the decision making process as SharePoint filters help the users in accessing the required data almost instantly, just within a few minutes only, to be precise.

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