Using SharePoint Mobile to Your Benefit

SharePoint mobile is a mobile app that helps the mobile user to get reach to, save and edit any of the document at Microsoft Office that are available at 2010 SharePoint site or later SharePoint website.

With this amazing mobile app:

  • You can get access to the SharePoint-2010 site from your organizations’ internet network only if your organization is committed to Microsoft Forefront UAG.
  • You can save or edit file of the MS Office by connecting to any of the Wi-Fi network

Understanding SharePoint Mobile

If it’s the first time you’re working with this app, you may find it a bit tricky to understand, but the following tips will help you.

  • Go to start options, flip left to the app list and then tab the “Office” key
  • Flip to the “Location” and tab the key for “SharePoint.”
  • Enter the address of SharePoint site, library or even the folder and start searching by pressing the option for search (Go button).
  • If you are eager to sign in to the already existing account right away, type in you ID and password in the delegated box, on the Microsoft Office 365 page, and tab the Sign-In button
  • There is another possibility to sign-in by typing the Username and then password or domain, with site-screen display and press done.
  •  You can also bookmark the page for later use and you can also enjoy working on in more than one page.

SharePoint for Document Search

You can search for document easily by following these tips:

  • Open Office Hub and go to “Locations”
  • In the search bar, type the name of the particular folder
  • If no matching result is found, go to the “Search for document on” at SharePoint
  • Tab the found piece of document and read it

Offline Document Reading

Obviously, you cannot stay online all day. Fortunately there is an offline mode that allows you to read files.  Here are some helpful tips on doing so:

  •  Press on the document or folder that you would like to work on, offline
  • Tab and hold it for a moment and finally press the option “always keep offline.” It means the document is saved for later reading

Conflict Resolution

If you find error in uploading or saving the file then try the following:

  • Press the folder, you are facing error with
  • Press, hold and click on “view status”
  • Press “resolve” button at the screen and you will see following options
  • Replace item on phone > refresh copy (changes in document will be lost)
  • Replace item on server > refresh copy (changes in documents will be reserved)
  • If you want to save both of the file after conflict resolution then you are also at freedom to do so. You can simply save both of the file with different names.


The SharePoint Mobile app is worth having on your phone as it will definitely bring incredible ease to your life.

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